1ste Term 2021 News

1ste Term 2021 News

On the 21st of April Vryheid Landbou High School lost a man well loved, greatly admired. A man who was the heart of the school.

Mr. John Pieters, who was known as Oom John among the teachers and the learners, was not just a great asset to the school but he carried a love filled heart wherever he went.  He was not only a teacher but he was a father to the hostel learners and also our favourite maintenance man.  Oom John could fix anything including the mending of a broken heart with a wise word, a hug and a smile.

If you had ever met him, you could not have missed his great wit, his huge sense of humour, his deep passion for people and for doing good.  He maintained his high standards and integrity regardless of what was happening around him.

To say he will be greatly missed, is an understatement.  No one could ever fill his shoes, but we are all now tasked with the responsibility of carrying out his legacy by shining a light of love and kindness wherever we go, just like he did.  As well as going the extra mile for others like he did.

Although we lost our heart as a school, we gained a guardian Angel. Our deepest condolences to tannie Linda and the family.

Mrs. Linda Pieters, his wife and all of the family would like to thank the Landbou Family and staff, as well as everyone who sent messages and supported them during this difficult time.