Vryheid Landbou’s swinging for success in Term 3!

Vryheid Landbou’s swinging for success in Term 3!

During the school holidays, the Landbou teachers were as busy as always. Mr Mandla Mwandla attended a Technology workshop in Newcastle. Congratulations to Miss Florinda Vorster, who represented our National Team and participated in an International Jukskei competition in Namibia during the holidays. Her team not only won the gold but Florinda was also selected to represent a team to tour the United States of America in 2023!

Last week, Landbou held a successful Blood Bank, with Grade 11s, 12s and some staff members eagerly participating. Well done to all involved, every drop counts!

The Vryheid Herald donated a ‘Survival Guide’ for all the senior phase learners, Grade 10-12. This handy newspaper covers essential topics such as ‘Dealing with online bullying and ‘Gender-Based Violence (GBV)’. Thank you to the Vryheid Herald for providing such a valuable resource.

A New Bridge College representative visited Landbou to give a presentation about their establishment to the Grade 12’s.

The choir performed on Thursday evening, 18 July, in Glencoe at Sarel Cilliers High School. They put on an outstanding performance which was well received by the attendees. This festival allowed the learners to perform publicly for the first time since the onset of Covid restrictions. The learners are excited to showcase their talent and all the hard work they have put in so far this year.

The Grade 12s commitment is exemplary as they diligently work towards their final exams. They are currently attending Saturday classes. A Spring School is also planned for them from 1 October to 7 October.

Well done to Mr. Nkosi, one of Landbou’s student teachers, who was selected for the Mpumalanga Amateur Rugby Team.

Huge Congratulations to Mr. Geert Slump, who has been appointed as the principal at Landbou! Mr. Slump has been acting principal since 2020. The school is incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful man in charge.

Best wishes for the path ahead. May your journey as principal be long and fruitful.