Vryheid Landbou High School is one of three agricultural schools in the province. The school is situated in the north-western outskirts of Vryheid. The school is built on an 872-hectare farm. The school has just over 200 learners. The learners come from all over the province. Most of our learners are staying in our hostel.


  • Mandate of the school

Vryheid Landbou High School is a secondary school focusing on agriculture.

  • Vision

Landbou’s vision is to be a model agricultural school of excellence providing a total education in an agricultural environment.

  • Mission

Landbou’s mission is:

  • To build our land, that is to contribute excellence in knowledge and skills,
  • To efficiently address the challenges of a new South Africa and a modern world
  • To empower young individuals with knowledge and skills through quality education
  • To develop moral leadership and greatness through sound values
  • To offer a total learning experience
  • in a focused secondary school of excellence
  • in an agricultural environment.

Landbou further strives to become a self-sustainable agricultural school, sensitive to the environment and focusing on agriculture.


The school was opened in 1977 for Grade 8-10, the first Grade 12 group completed their matric examination in 1979. The school is built on a farm of 872 hectares. The school’s focus has been agriculture since the school was established. What was previously a school filled with boys of local farmers, supported by the local farm community, CHANGED into a school filled with learners of both genders from all over the country.  An agricultural school have enormous opportunities and enormous challenges!

The school offers a rich curriculum, although more subjects offered to enrich its agricultural focus must be considered.  It is compulsory for our learners to choose at least ONE agricultural subject.  AGRI-ECHO practices are compulsory for all learners at Landbou.  Part of being an agricultural specialist is to be sensitive to the environment, therefore the school also has waste management and conservation as practices at the school.    

The school have several working units on the farm.  There is a feedlot, a dairy, cattle, sheep, poultry, a piggery, horses and a vegetable garden.  These units are training facilities but are also a source of income for the school. 


The school is situated on a farm of 872 hectares 7 km to the West of Vryheid in Northern Natal. The geographical coordinates are 27° 46’ 00” South and 30° 48’ 00” East.

Farming activities in this area are forestry, crop farming and specifically maize, cattle and game farming.