Welcome to Landbou

Welcome to Landbou

Landbou is the place where we grow tall trees to greatness.  It means that this school sees every learner as a tree.  We study our learners closely to discover their potential. Everything is done to nurture the tree to become strong and tall and to grow to greatness.

Every person who has the opportunity to attend our school must realise that it is a privilege to be at a school where there are so many opportunities.  The school also has the cream of the crop staff!  They are the best of the best!  

The school offers excellent education. Landbou is passionate about its sports and culture.  The farm of 872 hectares offers the opportunity to work with animals and see vegetables and crops growing.  Landbou is truly a jewel…

Our learners must be significantly different and must make a significant difference in the classroom, the school and the community. 

This school offer the opportunity to grow to greatness. To become part of this special place, you need to be firmly planted and pruned.  Your roots must grow deep into the soil and your branches must stretch high into the sky.  We teach all the ways to grow to greatness and give learners the chance to show whether they will be able to fit in and become a spectacular tree in this exceptional place.

Our senior learners and old students have grown into TALL trees. 

The soil in which everyone @ Landbou is growing is rich in LOVE and RESPECT.

Landbou is not only an agricultural school but a school that wants to build the land. At Landbou ‘we are never satisfied with anything less than the moral greatness of which, through God’s grace, we are capable of.’ Pope John Paul II

At Landbou you can become a tall tree growing into greatness. It is a chance of a lifetime!  If one grasp it with both hands and one can grow to become a spectacular tree @ Landbou.

Mrs Van Niekerk