Landbou’s leap into the new school year

Landbou’s leap into the new school year

Landbou welcomed all staff and students, both old and new, back with an enthusiastic and busy term programe. Leading the way was a rugby clinic held before school officially opened for the year.

A leadership camp was held for the incoming prefects  it was all about bringing the learners together,  and teaching them how to develop into better individuals, while having  lots of fun. They had a full day of running around looking for treasure all over Landbou’s large, beautiful  premises . They were even give a chance to showcase their creativity,  with some DIY projects. Overall the camp was a huge success, with everyone enjoying this special opportunity whilst also learning how to become better leaders in the process.

What better to get everyone into the school spirit after a long holiday than 2 days filled with athletics and gees vang? The interposed athletics took place over Thursday and Friday with both athletes and non-athletes enthusiastically taking part. Congratulations to all involved, it truly was a wonderful event that even the persistent rain in the first day  could not dampen.

The newcomers canp was held over the weekend, to further integrate all newcomers into Landbou’s environment and officially welcome them into the Landbou family. After a weekend on the farm, including cow dung swimming, they are no longer newcomers with name boards but part of Landbou.

Congratulations to the Matrics of 2022 who did amazingly well with a pass rate of 97.8%! We are exceptionally proud of all the hard work, long hours and extra classes, that all the matrics and educators put in in order to accomplish these fantastic results. Good luck to all the matriculate with their future endeavours.  We wish you well and you will always be a part of the Landbou legacy.