A lot happens at Lanbou in a week; besides the everyday teaching and learning, our learners had an opportunity to learn about pregnancy testing in cows, not just theoretically, but they tested the cows themselves. They were so excited and had so much fun doing it. A big thank you to Mr Laubcher Theron, the veterinarian surgent who has been very patient and helpful in guiding our learners through the process.

Vryheid Landbou is known for being home to many students and staff; those who work there and live there can attest to this. Landbou welcomed five new members of staff this year. Zwiwe Dlamini as the new administrator in reception, Mandla Mwandla, and Lizwe Maziya as Educators. Also, Njabulo Zulu as a Junior Farm Manager and Barbara Berry as the new matron for the hostel. We wish them a long and happy stay at Landbou. The school also welcomed a new SGB team led by Mr A Khumalo as the Chairperson, Mr G Minott as the Vice-Chairperson, Mrs S Radebe as the Secretary, and Ms M Mbatha as the Treasurer for the next three years. Applications are currently open, and all forms are available on the school’s webpage or at the Vryheid Landbou office.

On the 21st of April Vryheid Landbou High School lost a man well loved, greatly admired. A man who was the heart of the school. Mr. John Pieters, who was known as Oom John among the teachers and the learners, was not just a great asset to the school but he carried a love filled heart wherever he went.  He was not only a teacher but he was a father to the hostel learners and also our favourite maintenance man.  Oom John could fix anything including the mending of a broken heart with a wise word, a hug and a smile. If you had ever met him, you could not have missed his great wit, his huge sense of humour, his deep passion for people and for doing good.  He maintained his high standards and integrity regardless of what was happening around him. To say he will be greatly missed,…

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Here is some video messages from our leaders.

Landbou is the place where we grow tall trees to greatness.  It means that this school sees every learner as a tree.  We study our learners closely to discover their potential. Everything is done to nurture the tree to become strong and tall and to grow to greatness. Every person who has the opportunity to attend our school must realise that it is a privilege to be at a school where there are so many opportunities.  The school also has the cream of the crop staff!  They are the best of the best!   The school offers excellent education. Landbou is passionate about its sports and culture.  The farm of 872 hectares offers the opportunity to work with animals and see vegetables and crops growing.  Landbou is truly a jewel… Our learners must be significantly different and must make a significant difference in the classroom, the school and the community.  This…

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